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Accounting Technician

An accounting technician is tasked with compiling, updating, and analyzing financial records professionally.


Upon completion of this program, graduates will acquire skills suitable for roles such as junior accountants, payroll technicians, and tax preparers. They will be prepared to work independently for businesses or collaborate with accountants.

62 weeks

1240 hours

What You Will Learn

Our Program

The Accounting Technician program at Alberta Paramount College is a meticulously crafted 62 week program. Designed to provide you with the essential skills required to proficiently manage accounting and taxation responsibilities for small businesses or within accounting offices catering to diverse client needs. These skills are also applicable in larger enterprises, where you can contribute to functions like bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable and Payable, GST, Payroll, or taxation, supporting senior Accountants.


A key component of this program is 4 week practicum, which offers hands-on experience in applying your acquired knowledge and familiarizing you with real-world workplace procedures. This practical exposure is instrumental in building confidence and readiness to operate as a skilled professional in the accounting field.

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