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Executive Administrative Assistants serve as the primary liaison between executives and internal or external clients. They offer essential support to managers, employees, and office visitors by managing a diverse range of tasks to ensure smooth interactions and operations.


These professionals may also be known by titles such as Administrative Coordinators, Administrative Specialists, or Executive Secretaries.

30 weeks

680 hours

What You Will Learn

Our Program

In our 30-week program, you'll gain proficiency in essential administrative skills. This includes providing support to individuals, teams, or departments within an organization, handling phone calls, managing correspondence, drafting documents, and overseeing office supplies. You'll also learn to manage calendars, schedule appointments and meetings, and coordinate events with internal and external stakeholders. The program covers data entry and updating databases, managing communications, assisting with meeting preparations, organizing files, and providing excellent customer service to clients, visitors, and employees. You will also learn hands on with our 4 week practicum.

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