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Medical Office
Assistant and
Unit Clerk

Medical Office Assistants play a crucial role in the operational success of healthcare facilities, such as medical offices, clinics, and hospitals. They are essential for keeping these settings running smoothly. Titles for this role can vary, including Medical Office Assistant, Medical Secretary, Patient Coordinator, or Unit Clerk. They work in various healthcare settings like medical clinics, dental offices, eye clinics, physiotherapy clinics, massage clinics, or hospitals to ensure efficient service delivery.

46 weeks

920 hours

What You Will Learn

Our Program

At Alberta Paramount College, we prioritize equipping you with the competencies essential for thriving as a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk, ensuring you are well-prepared for your professional role through our 46 week comprehensive program and hands-on practicum experience.

We understand the essential skills required for success as a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk in the workplace. Our curriculum is specifically crafted to impart and enhance the necessary administrative, technical, and interpersonal skills vital for excelling in this career path. A multi week practicum, arranged by the college, will offer invaluable real-world work experience, boosting your confidence in medical administration duties.

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