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4 young professional people. There is a black woman, an Asian man, an Asian woman, and a white man.

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Illustration of a pencil that just draw a line. There is a lit up light bulb at the end of the line.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer conveys ideas and information through visual concepts, utilizing design software to craft compelling visuals that engage and resonate with audiences.

Illustration of two hands palms up with a circle with a plus sign in the center.

Medical Office Assistant and
Unit Clerk

Medical Office Assistants play a crucial role in the operational success of healthcare facilities, such as medical offices, clinics, and hospitals. They are essential for keeping these settings running smoothly. 

Illustration of a calculator on top of a piece of paper.

Accounting Technician  with Taxation & Payroll

An accounting technician

is tasked with compiling, updating, and analyzing financial records professionally. 

Illustration of a bottle with two pills in front of it. There is a plus sign on the bottle.

Pharmacy Assistant

A Pharmacy Assistant is a healthcare professional who supports Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in running a pharmacy by helping ensure safe and accurate medication dispensing.

Illustration of the outline of a person. Around the person is a gear, a stop watch, and a clip board.

Executive Administrative Assistant 

Executive Administrative Assistants serve as the primary liaison between executives and internal

or external clients. They offer essential support to managers, employees, and office visitors by managing

a diverse rangeof tasks to ensure smooth interactions and operations.

Why Alberta Paramount College?

Alberta Paramount College is a dynamic educational institution in Calgary, AB that embraces success through academic excellence, up-to-date quality curriculum, uncompromising service, and respect for human values and principles.


We are fortunate to have highly experienced and passionate personnel on our panel whose aim is to ensure that our students are satisfied with the learning experience and are competent prospective employees in their chosen fields.

Students will receive thorough instruction on utilizing job search platforms and crafting professional documents like resumes, cover letters, and compelling emails to attract employers. They will also develop interview skills, focusing on appropriate behavior, dress, communication, and body language to make positive first impressions with potential employers. The curriculum will include leveraging LinkedIn for professional networking opportunities.

“Went to this amazing college to check there brochures and the environment. The brochure and atmosphere were fantastic. The tuition is reasonable and the teacher are very technical with great experiences. I highly recommend this college especially for those who can't afford higher school tuition but still want academic excellence for their children. Great academic atmosphere. Highly recommended."

Ola Ibini

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