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Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer conveys ideas and information through visual concepts, utilizing design software

to craft compelling visuals that engage and resonate

with audiences.



These professionals strategically blend design elements to produce visually appealing layouts, advertisements, reports, logos, packaging, and other creative materials.

62 weeks

1240 hours

You Will Learn

Our Program

At Alberta Paramount College, we ensure that you learn all the skills you need to succeed as a Graphic Designer. Our curriculum is designed to teach and develop the necessary technical and soft skills required to excel in this career.


Throughout this 1240-hour program, you will acquire expertise in various

areas including Composition & Layouts, Shape and Color Theory, Typography Fundamentals, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Digital Darkroom techniques, and Portfolio Design. Additionally, the program includes an  practicum  facilitated by the college, offering valuable real-world work experience to enhance your confidence and skills as a Graphic Designer.

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