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Financial Aid 

Funding for all learning journeys 

Government of Canada Student Financial Assistance:

The Canada Student Loans Program offers financial assistance to students through loans and grants based on their needs. When you apply for Alberta Student Aid, your application will also be evaluated by the Canada Student Loans Program.


For students needing to quickly pay for school, Gratify is an ideal solution. Once the school creates an order, the student receives an application. Completing the form takes only a few seconds, and Gratify provides an almost instant decision.

Alberta Student Aid

Financial support tailored for Alberta residents, assisting with tuition, fees, and living expenses. To avoid delays, it is recommended to apply at least two months before your program begins.


Student Funding

Funding for Indigenous students can be sourced through Band, Settlement and Regional Council, these are the first place an indigenous student should reach out to for funding.

Repayment of student loans

For detailed loan repayment information, visit your loan provider's website for guidelines and resources specific to your loan. The Government of Canada website also offers information on loan repayment options, including federal student loans and assistance programs, to help you manage your loan effectively

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