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About Us

At Alberta Paramount College (APC), our mission is to offer accessible education and training to enthusiastic learners. We believe education should be a service, not a business, and are dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences at an affordable cost.

Our management and staff comes from a place of deep understanding of the educational systems and have been able to closely observe the strengths and weaknesses related to educational services. It is our goal to provide students with a well rounded and well supported education. Students will always be our number one priority. 

Our commitment to students extends beyond the classroom. We offer comprehensive instruction, real-world experience, and valuable job placement assistance to help you achieve your career goals.


Alberta Paramount College is licensed, designated, and accredited by the Private Career College branch of the Ministry of Alberta Advanced Education. We foster inclusivity, diversity, equal opportunity, and collaboration. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where all learners, regardless of race, gender, belief, sexual orientation, or nationality, feel respected, confident, and encouraged to pursue their chosen career paths.

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